Are you keeping your body well fed?

Accordingto a new report 9 out of 10 Americans don’t get enough of the needed nutrients
in their diets. Yes I know you have heard the reports over and over again; what
to eat and how much to eat. But cows can make it very easy for you.

That’s right a simple glass of milk provides 9 essential nutrients that your whole family

In fact, milk is the single greatest source of
calcium, vitamin D and potassium in the American diet according to the Dietary
Guidelines Advisory Committee.

So do something good for you and good for your kids.
Enjoy a glass of milk today!

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Dairy product in childhood help prevent colon cancer in adults.

See your mother was right when she told you to drink your milk. Breaking news from “The Jerusalem Post” blog states: When children drink milk and eat dairy products, they can
significantly reduce the risk of colorectal cancer when they are adults.

Follow thislink to read the complete story:

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Hug your Farmer

Cori the Cow from Our Family Farms

Cori the Cow from Our Family Farms

Have you hugged your farmer today? I’m Cori the cow from Our Family Farms and I have. Today is the official start of Dairy month and this is our chance to tell our farmers thank you for all the hard work they do in not only caring for us their cows, but for all the great milk they deliver to you folks.

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The cows meet baby Carson

We had a busy morning on the farm today. The vet arrived when I was milking; Al had been babysitting Carson our new grandson in the house, and came out to help with the baby in his infant seat. We kept scooting the baby around the barn to clean spots, then the vet and Al left for the heifer barn, leaving me with the baby and one cow (“Tia”) left to milk.

I placed the infant seat in the barn doorway, so I could see him, but he would be safely out of the way. Just as I got done with Tia, Carson decided he’d had enough of waiting for
his bottle and started to cry.  There was a remarkable reaction from the cows! All of them became quite concerned: stepped back in their stalls to see, ears came up, and all their heads went down to see under each other’s bellies
to see where this distressed cry came from!

Cows, as herd animals,  are sensitive to distressed
calls from other cows or calves (fortunately that doesn’t happen often), but I
never expected them to react so quickly to a crying baby! It was as if they
wanted to protect him.

Of course, it could be they haven’t heard little kids
lately, since our girls have grown up!  Some years ago, during milking,
there would be bicycle races in the mangers, and tic tac toe played on our old
cow, “Piper”, who loved to have the kids “color” on her
with livestock marking crayons. (We would have passersby stop and tell us we
had a bleeding cow in the pasture, but it would be Piper, with crayon pictures
on her side).

That’s it for today, time to start evening milking….Terry Everett at Hemenway
Hill Farm

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Meet your local Farmers

More than 80% of our Massachusetts farms are family-owned. Do you know the name of
your local farmers? Let me introduce you to the farmers of Our Family Farms

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